Gefunden bei bzw. Motorcyclenews:

Bereitet sich BMW etwa auf eine Teilnahme bei der MotorGP vor?

Bilder und Berichte in englischsprachiger Presse lassen es vermuten.


„…Jeremy McWilliams has been spotting testing what is said to be a 990cc GP bike. The cycle’s speed are said to not be competitive with the current frontrunners, and it’s just as well since the engine size limit drops to 800cc after next season. This leaves BMW’s intentions a bit unclear – is this simply a science project, a step towards an effort in 2008, or will the boys from Munich actually field a ride this year or next?“

Motorcycling schreibt dazu:

„However, it shouldn’t be dismissed entirely. The quality of effort that BMW is putting toward this project really is of the highest calibre. They have poached some supremely talented people, the componentry on the bike is absolutely top-spec and contemporary, right down to the Dorna TV broadcast unit, and the contract McWilliams is rumoured to be on makes him one of the best-paid riders in the world, despite not racing.“

Mal schauen was da draus wird.